Cancellation Policy

Game/Practice Cancellation

The Protocol for cancellations is as follows:

It is important to note that no coach, parent or player is required to attend if (s)he feels that the conditions will jeopardize their safety. Each parent is responsible for making this decision for her/his child.  In certain circumstances, the President, Vice President, Rec. League Administrator and Age Group Coordinators may cancel league events, if needed.

Age Group Coordinators will consult with either the President or Vice President or Rec. League Administrator to determine if the events should be cancelled for that age group.  This is important, since it is reasonable to expect that older children may play in conditions that are not suitable for younger children.

Once an Age Group Coordinator and either the President or Vice President or the Rec. League Administrator has agreed to cancel play, the Age Group Coordinator will notify all age group coaches (within their reasonable ability to contact all given the time constraints).  The coaches must notify their team members.

Activities will be cancelled if the fields are determined to be unplayable, or if inclement weather threatens the players.  The following guidelines will generally be followed:

Any time lightning is seen or seems imminent, play will immediately be suspended (if the threat appears temporary) or cancelled.

If the fields are deemed to be unplayable due to standing water, snow, etc., play will be cancelled (note: this may occur, even if the weather is good)

If weather conditions make play dangerous (e.g. heavy rain, sleet, snow, etc).  It is important to note that soccer is played under most weather conditions, if the fields are in playable shape, so do not assume that play will be cancelled due to rain.

Occasionally, parents or teams do not show up during poor weather, even if the fields are playable.  If this occurs, coaches are responsible for working with other coaches to assemble teams from players that do show up.  Pinnies and colored jerseys are available in the equipment shack to temporarily designate teams for play.