Rec Soccer Code of Conduct

WYSA Code of Conduct

Player’s Code of Conduct

  1. Having a FUN EXPERIENCE is the most important objective.
  2. SHIN GUARDS are required to participate in any practice or game.
  3. Please bring a WATER BOTTLE, SOCCER BALL and TEAM JERSEY to all practices and games.
  4. COACHES’ and REFEREES’ decisions are FINAL.
  5. 3 GOAL RULE.  If a team leads by more than 3 goals, they are to provide one or more of their best players to the opposing team to balance the competition.

Parent’s Code of Conduct

  1. Give all players and coaches POSITIVE FEEDBACK only.  WYSA Board members welcome critiques or questions.
  2. COACHES’ and REFEREES’ decisions are FINAL.
  3. Please observe from the hill at North Street, or from the Riverside (for Field 1).  Areas between Fields 1 & 2 and the sidelines of Fields 3, 4 & 5 are reserved for coaches and players.
  4. Please help us make the participants experience more enjoyable by VOLUNTEERING your time in the concession booth, as an assistant or head coach, or on our Board of Directors.

Coaches Code of Conduct

  1. Coaches will give POSITIVE FEEDBACK only, and will set an example for players by SHOWING RESPECT for players, referees and coaches.
  2. We will seek EQUAL PLAYING TIME for all players.
  3. Players will be asked to PLAY ALL DIFFERENT POSITIONS during the season, including goalie.
  4. The league objective is to have fun, so coaches will NOT KEEP SCORE.  There are NO WINNERS and NO LOSERS.
  5. Coaches will make sure that no children are left unattended at the field either before or after practice or games.

Referee Code of Conduct

  1. Be professional in appearance and conduct
  2. Remain in control of the game
  3. Whistle LOUD for fouls
  4. Explain why the call was made